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Indonesian Food- Authentik Balinese Food- Seafood

Kekeb Restaurant is a restaurant with a beachside view in ITDC Area Nusa Dua. We served the best Indonesian food, authentic Balinese food, and live Seafood. Our restaurant is family-friendly and has a good service.

A Bite About Us

We opened our doors in 2018 with the goal of providing fresh, organic, seasonal food to our neighborhood. Since opening, we’ve been able to expand our menu, convert diners into loyal customers, and give back to the community through food drives and fundraising. We aspiration is that every visitor encounters the finest of best Indonesian food and authentic Balinese food experiences. Our diverse menu includes options like the Rendang package, Chicken Betutu, Sate, Grilled Honey Chicken, Whole Crispy Duck, Grilled Grouper Fish, traditional fish dishes infused with Balinese spices served with steamed rice, and more.

The Menu

We make superbly delicious food for all of your eating needs. Come visit us for lunch or dinner any night of the week
(we’re open Monday through Sunday, and even on holidays). We also have takeaway and catering menus for any time you need something to nosh on away from our little cafe.

Our Menu - Kekeb Restaurant


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